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Excellence in All 

Aspects of Life

We want children to develop life skills 

that allow them to thrive.

Excelling in School and in Life 

At Geniuses On Board Child Development & Learning Center in Southfield, Michigan, our team doesn’t only focus on teaching academic skills. We want kids to develop life skills that are essential for their survival and success. That’s why we provide an accredited curriculum that opens up a comprehensive array of learning opportunities.

Our Enrichment Program Covers: 

  • Math

  • Music

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • STEM Lab

  • Potty Training Assistance

  • Outdoor Play (Subject to Weather Conditions)

  • Tutoring

Extracurricular Activities

  •  Gymnastics

  • Karate

  • Photography

  • Ballet

  • Sports

Raising Tech-Literate Children

Our school recognizes the need to adapt to the fast-paced world, which is why we strive to introduce kids to the digital world. We provide computer, iPad, and tablet training to ensure they can keep up with the latest developments in technology.

Students are also given free access to, where more than 5,000 learning activities are available for toddlers up to kids in kindergarten. With this program, children will have less time to watch television and more time to focus on self-development.

Teachers You Can Trust

Get peace of mind knowing that your sons and daughters are safe in our hands. Our team is made up of state-licensed, CPR and First Aid certified professionals. When you enroll your kids in our program, you can be confident that they’ll be handled only by professionals with more than 1 decade of experience in childcare.

As part of our goal to raise healthy children, we also offer nutritious snacks to our students. Our meals are aligned with the USDA food program requirements. 

Classroom Names

Learners are primarily grouped by age:

  • Toddler Geniuses

  • Emerging Geniuses

  • Preschool Geniuses

  • Pre-K Geniuses

  • Virtual Learning Geniuses

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